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Inspections and Recertification

Your industrial fall protection systems are one of the key pieces of equipment at your property. Investing time and energy to keep them in premium condition, saves you money, time, energy and headaches over the long haul.

Regular inspections and recertifications with us will keep your equipment safe, OSHA certified, and operable for the life of your system. Setting this process up on autopilot with Shine On will save you the hassle of having to deal with it on an annual basis.

Contact us today for the services your operation needs to remain compliant and safe.

Why Inspections and Recertification Are Essential

Inspections and recertification are essential to you and your team. See below to learn why these services are imperative for your industrial fall protection systems.

Ensure Workplace Safety

Your employees work in high-risk situations. When your systems happen to fail, serious injuries could ensue, which cascades effects into the well being of your business.

Inspections and recertification mitigate accidents by catching and repairing faults before they lead to disaster. Not only that, our inspections and recertifications document that your systems are in fact, in good standing in accordance with OSHA.

This gives you and your team protection across the board.

Our Inspections and Recertification Services

It is your responsibility to ensure that your industrial fall protection system inspected and recertified. Shine On can automate this process for you so that we handle the entire process every year. Which means, you never have to worry about being in compliance. We’ll take care of you and send you the documentation to show you are in compliance. See below for more information.

Frequency of Services

Annual Inspections

– Every system you have requires annual inspections.
– Once-a-year checks allow us to identify and address issues before they cause serious problems.
– Window washing anchors, active fall protection system, horizontal lifelines, and overhead rigid rail fall protection systems


– Active fall protection system, horizontal lifelines, and overhead rigid rail fall protection systems are every 5 years
– Window washing anchors can go as long as ten years before recertification.

If a fall occurs or you detect a problem before these deadlines, you should tag the unit as “out of service.” Then, contact us immediately so that we can review it and get it back to working order.

Inspection Process

What we look during the Inspection:

– Worn parts
– Unauthorized modifications
– Corrosion
– Connections
– Signs of impact
– Other common issues that compromise your unit’s safety

The process will vary depending on the type of unit you have.

Recertification Process

Recertication Process includes:

– Minimal disruption to your operations
– All the same steps as the Inspection process
– Thorough onsite load testing to confirm everything aligns with OSHA standards.
– Documentation after the process that shows your equipment to be recertified for the next valid term.

Keep in mind if your system doesn’t have a valid certificate, you can’t use it until it does.

What Comes After Inspection and Recertification

After the onsite visit, you will receive our findings and a prepared turnkey repair proposal. You won’t have to look anywhere else or spend time thinking about how to get your system operational. Our team has you covered.

Once repairs are complete, we will certify the inspection and issue the recertification report so you can continue to carry on with operations safely.

Shine On also assumes liability of your systems until the next recertification deadline (contingent on annual inspections).

Why Hire Shine On Group

Not many providers specialize in inspections, recertification, installations & consulting. Shine On Group is the one stop shop that has solution for your needs.

Compliance means for You:

– Safety is never compromised
– Compliance never expires
– Minor problems do not become major expenses
– You will have transparent documentation to show OSHA or any other entity that you are compliant
– You stay operational, in business and keep your workforce employed

Free of Cost Quotes

Our no-obligation quotes help you determine if our services are right for your operation.

Comprehensive Services

Shine On Group Provides:

– Inspections
– Recertifications
– Is Industry agnostic
– Assume your systems liability when we certify
– Consulting
– Installation

Engineering Document Management

Managing your current and future engineering documents can save you hours of headaches and lost production. Shine On specializes in archiving our work, ensuring you can access the most updated information should you ever lose your paperwork.

Years of Experience

Since 19994, our team has committed itself to everything involving industrial fall protection systems. This sheer experience allows us to provide the best inspections and recertification services available.

Schedule Inspections and Recertification Today

Ready to put your inspection and recertification process on autopilot? Contact Shine On today. Our team is ready to ensure your compliance, protect your assets, and, most importantly, keep everyone coming home to their families after the work day is over.

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