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Suspended Access & Window Washing

Suspended Access & Window Washing

Fall protection systems are necessary for a contractor’s safety, and we offer several types of suspended access and window washing systems suited for every contractor’s needs. These include rigging sleeves, window washing anchors, monorail systems, and davit arms.

We build our systems with ANSI standards and fall regulations in mind, ensuring they optimize safety and productivity.

We understand the value of having reliable fall protection. If you need help determining what type of system you need, our team can offer suggestions, perform certified installations, and provide annual inspections to ensure optimal safety. With our reputable technicians and engineers by your side, you will get the best products and customer service available. Contact us today to learn more.

Suspended Access & Window Washing System Types

Here is a list of our system types:

Window Washing Rigging Sleeves

With both horizontal and vertical rigging sleeves, you’ll gain better access around your building or structure. Horizontal sleeves often come with one or two vertical posts which support the horizontal sleeve to provide access over exterior walls.

Portability is a huge benefit of horizontal sleeves. They are lighter than other assemblies and transport easily. If you don’t want a permanent assembly such as many davit assemblies, using a horizontal sleeve might be the ideal option.

Vertical rigging sleeves are best for soffit overhangs or other beamed structures. With vertical sleeves, rigging can begin on the ground or from a lower level. Permanent installations are optional.

If you need to lift horizontally and then go vertical, we can accommodate your project by providing rigging sleeves with a curved radius.

Various attachment options are also available. They can be suited for concrete buildings or other structures to provide the best functionality.

Window Washing Anchors

If you’re a contractor, or you have a facility that requires high-rise maintenance, you need a suspended rope access system that’s reliable and follows the required ANSI guidelines.

Our suspended access & window washing systems ensure safety and are customizable for your needs. We offer several anchorage options, including:

  • Adhesive Roof Anchors
  • Beam Wrap Roof Anchors
  • Cast in Place Roof Anchors
  • Cast in Place Window Washing Anchors
  • Below Paver Roof Anchors
  • Concrete Joist Wrap Anchors
  • New Construction Joist Wrap Roof Anchors
  • Retrofit Joist Wrap Roof Anchors
  • Wood Structure Mount Roof Anchors
  • Column Wrap Wall Anchors
  • Bolt Through Steel Wall Anchors
  • Adhesive Wall Anchors
  • Weldable Roof Anchor
  • Weldable Base Plate Roof Anchors
  • Weldable Wall Anchors

Our team of professionals will work with you to find the right suspended access & window washing system for your facility based on your building’s access points and design.

Monorail Systems

Monorail engineering is an ideal solution for soffit areas and overhangs. A monorail’s linear track provides continuous access and allows for both ascent and descent. Monorails also provide a more hidden design that blends with the structure of a building so that it’s not a distraction.

Monorails are easy to customize and are quite versatile, working in corners and around turns that other assemblies might struggle to navigate. We can install a monorail assembly that matches both building and structural needs. If your system must support more than one worker, our team will customize a monorail assembly according to your specifications. Find out what system will work best for you by contacting us today.

Davit Arm Systems

If your facility requires maintenance work via a suspended scaffold, perhaps the best option would be a davit system. Davit arms allow access over parapets and exterior walls, and they are appropriate for both permanent and temporary installations. With various options of attachment methods, davit bases can provide prime functionality and easy access.

For platform assemblies, there will be two davit arms to support either end of the platform for maximum security. If you’re interested in ground davit assemblies, davit arms can be rigged on the ground or from a lower roof level. From this point, they will raise your platform to the desired suspension point.

Davit assemblies are also popular for single-point platforms, but all workers must be attached to an independent anchor point by a safety cord.

Roof rigged davit systems are designed for lowering platforms to the needed access point, while ground rigged assemblies must project above a facility’s parapet height. The type of building you have will affect your choice of davit assembly. For expert advice, contact one of our specialists today.

Contact Us Today

For all of your suspended access & window washing systems needs, our company can provide you with the best assembly options for your project. Safety and reliable service are equally important to us. We want you to have a quality system you can count on from a team that you can trust.

Our knowledgeable technicians and engineers work hard to ensure that every system follows guidelines and regulations so that everyone stays safe and complies with all regulations.

We’ll make sure you get the right system, and we’ll schedule routine maintenance check-ups so that your assembly stays in the best condition. Contact us today to speak with one of our fall protection specialists.

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