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The Correct Roof Anchor Point

Understanding where to clip onto is crucial for your safety and the safety of those around you. Some important aspects to know are:

  • What kind of materials can your lanyard clip onto?
  • What work will you do?
  • What type of forces is your anchor point expected to withstand?

These are the questions you need to ask yourself before choosing where you should make your anchor point.

What’s a Roof Anchor Point?

This is a point where you can attach your harness to reduce your risk of falling as a work-related injury. These might be metal loops or portable tripods fastened to a wall.

Where To Attach Yourself

If There Is An Existing Structure

If there are existing structures already in place, such as beams, racks, or solid structures that will not move, then you can attach yourself here. 

The structure must qualify as a safe place. If this is not the case or you’re unsure, have experts check it out. To qualify, it must be able to hold 5000lbs of force per person.

There Is No Existing Structure

If there is not an existing structure already there, then mobile protection is a strong option. It needs to be a solid structure, and you should use a counterweight to ensure it holds you. Structures such as scaffolding can be used but should be adequately risk assessed and examined by experts before use.

If you ask someone for their opinion on whether a structure can be used as an anchor point and they reply with “I’m not sure,” do not trust this judgment and avoid this as an anchor point. Ensure that any expert you speak to signs a paper to confirm that they recommended the structure as an anchor point.

Engineered Systems

These are designed specifically for workplace fall prevention. This is one of the best options as this is a simple way to create an anchor point and is available in a variety of options, including: 

  • Horizontal Lifelines
  • Mobile
  • Permanently installed engineered


The most important aspect of fall protection is being highly trained and ensuring that all your employees are fully trained. Set time aside for training so that all your employees learn to identify an anchor point and are familiar with every piece of equipment.

Using the Proper Roof Anchor

Anchor points are crucial pieces of safety devices and should be taken seriously. Ensure all your workers have the relevant training and can make informed decisions over where to make their anchor point.

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