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Fall Protection Anchorage Connectors

Anchors are some of the most commonly used fall protection systems for tall buildings these days. If they sound like the right fit for your building and you’re looking for connectors that you can rely on the quality of, you’ve found the right place. Shine on Anchors is dedicated to helping all managers and owners of tall buildings understand their fall protection system needs and be able to find a system that works for them. From the initial consultation stage to the inspections and recertifications you’ll need down the line, we’ll be by your side to ensure your workers stay safe and your anchors remain compliant with OSHA regulations. With 20 years of industry experience and a wide range of fall protection solutions available, we offer quality, cost-efficient solutions that suit all buildings and projects. We have just the fall protection anchorage connectors you need.

What is an Anchorage Connector?

There are different kinds of fall protection systems available on the market today that function in different ways. The anchorage connector is an anchor point where you connect a lifeline, lanyard, anchorage connector strap or other deceleration devices that will break your fall. They’re connected to the main structure and are designed to hold firm under the pressure created by a fall. Anchorages are crucial security devices for maintenance works and window cleaning of tall buildings, keeping workers safe from falls. They come in different models that work in different ways depending on the building, job, industry and other requirements, so there’s likely a connector that will suit your building. Read More

From Anchorage Connector Strap Design to Inspection

The Shine On Group is dedicated to the success of all our clients and we’ll remain with you throughout the process. In the initial consultation stage, we’ll help you discover exactly what system is most suited and cost-efficient for your situation. We’ll then design something that suits all your requirements. With a wide range of scalable and customizable options available, we’ll always find you the right fit. We will then install this for you safely and efficiently. Regular inspections and recertifications are required by OSHA, and we’ll perform those for you as well to ensure your system remains safe and compliant.

Stay Compliant with Anchorage Connectors That Meet All Regulations

When you’re working with something like fall protection, there are a lot of regulations and guidelines that are required of you. Failing to follow these can result in large fines and lawsuits where you can be held liable for accidents. These regulations are necessary for the safety of workers. Choosing the Shine On Group ensures that your fall protection solution will meet all OSHA, IWCA, ASME and ANSI regulations. We have all the necessary experience and certifications to perform these installations, inspections and certifications legally and safely. With our expertise and high-quality products, you can always rest assured that your system will exceed all safety protocols.

Let Shine on Anchors Help You!

Wherever you are in the country or whatever you need from us, you can learn more and book in for a consultation, installation or anchor inspections by contacting us through our website. Choose the USA’s top fall protection company today and keep your building safe.
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