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Roof Fall Protection

We help you navigate your building’s fall protection and roof anchor system needs to ensure safety and compliance for window cleaning or any contractors working at height.


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Rooftop Fall Protection Systems to Avoid Accidents

A large number of deaths in the workplace continue to result from falls from height. These can be prevented with adequate roof fall protection systems and it is the responsibility of every employer to ensure they take all available steps to try to guarantee the safety of their workers as much as possible.

All roofs are different in terms of their construction and features, and the way in which they’re accessed. Consequently, there are a number of types of roof protection systems to safeguard them adequately. Read More

Providing the Right Type of Roof Fall Protection

Workers may need to access a roof for various reasons, typically for maintenance and servicing purposes. When they do this, several different hazards are presented, such as:

  • the edge of the roof itself, where OSHA states that anyone working within fifteen of it requires some form of protection
  • skylights that workers can fall through unless some type of protection is provided
  • adjoining roofs that are connected, at different levels, and have a difference of at least six feet between them so that the higher edge requires protection.

Different types of protection or roof tie off systems can be provided, such as:

  • guardrails that create a barrier between the hazard and the workers so that falls do not occur
  • restraints, such as anchor points and lifelines that prevent the workers getting too near hazards and so prevent a fall
  • fall arrest systems that may be necessary when workers have to be right on top of a hazard and do not prevent a fall but stop it after it has occurred before any harm is done.

Keeping Workers Safe with Industrial Fall Protection

Our roof anchors are of the highest quality, are durable even in extreme weather conditions and are reliable so they’ll ensure worker safety. They’re also designed to be reasonably unobtrusive and aesthetically pleasing so they don’t spoil the appearance of your roof. Most importantly of all, they’re all compliant with OSHA regulations so you can be sure you’re operating within safety standards.

Our systems enable workers to operate hands-free and in complete safety so they’ll have the confidence to get on with the job. They can be easily incorporated into new builds or retrofitted to existing buildings with equal effectiveness.

Fitting the systems isn’t enough on its own, however. You also need to ensure that all your workers are familiar with their proper use and receive full training to be able to work safely at height. Additionally, systems need to be inspected and tested regularly, typically every twelve months, to ensure they’re still effective and able to comply with current legislation, which may change.

We can provide portable and temporary fall protection as well as permanent systems, we can also provide roof anchor certification. To do that effectively, we need to assess the roofs you’ll be working on and the type of work that will be undertaken. We can then supply and install exactly the systems you need to ensure all your workers are kept as safe as possible.

Welcome to Shine On Anchors, your one-stop-shop for all your roof anchor needs. We understand the importance of safety when working on roofs, which is why we offer a wide range of high-quality roof anchors to keep you and your workers secure.

At Shine On Anchors, we believe in providing our customers with the best products and services. Our roof anchors are made from durable materials, ensuring they can withstand the toughest conditions and provide optimal safety while working on a roof. Whether you are looking for roof safety anchors for personal use or for your business, we have you covered.

We are proud to offer American Anchor Fall Protection, one of the leading brands in roof anchoring systems. These roofing anchors are designed with safety in mind and are easy to install, providing a reliable and secure solution for anyone working on a roof. Our commercial roof anchors are specifically designed for commercial and industrial use, ensuring that your workers are protected while performing their duties.

At Shine On Anchors, we believe that everyone deserves to work safely. That is why we offer our roof anchors at competitive prices, making them accessible to everyone, regardless of budget. Our team of experts is always available to help you find the right roofing anchors for your specific needs and answer any questions you may have.

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Our Services

Fall Protection Systems

Scalable and customized fall protection systems that are tailored for your specific project or unique challenge. We can design and install multiple types of fall protection systems from roof anchors to horizontal lifeline systems that abide by the latest OSHA regulations, which means your building has the highest standards of safety in the industry.

Anchor Certification

Services including load testing, inspections, and certifications. We can perform testing to make sure your roof anchors (tie back anchors, davit systems, window cleaning anchors, fall arrest systems) are certified to meet OSHA’s latest regulations. This includes the recent OSHA 1910.27 regulation changes and passing routine 5000 lb. load tests.

Fall Protection Consulting

Our team of experts will help you solve your specific fall protection challenge. We will design, install, and certify systems to meet all OSHA and ANSI requirements. Our goal is to offer you the highest protection possible while providing the most cost effective solution for your needs.

Window Cleaning Consulting

Knowing your options for high rise window cleaning can be powerful given the new OSHA 1910.27 regulations regarding roof anchors and anchorages. We work with you so you know your options regarding RDS (rope decent systems) and IRA (Industrial Rope Access). We can help you save time, money, and help limit your liability exposure.

Roof Fall Protection Systems

Our team will design fall protection systems for suspended access, rooftop access, fall arrest, and other means to protect workers at height. We work to satisfy OSHA regulations and ANSI standards for your specific needs.


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Safety and Quality

The ROI on your Buildings Safety is immeasurable. From protecting the workers who operate on your building, to reducing your exposure to liabilities, safety is our #1 Focus, which means you spend more time creating value for the best use of your building.


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We are leaders in our industry. Shine on Anchors services nearly every U.S. state, providing high-quality fall protection to buildings across America. Check out our service areas.



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Fall protection for your property can be confusing. Shine On Group will help you navigate the process so that your building is certified to the highest standard. Shine On Group offers a wide variety of services to meet the ever emerging needs of different customers. You can contact us for the design and installation of scalable and portable fall protection systems, anchor certification, as well as fall protection training and window cleaning consulting.

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