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Roof Anchor System

Roof Anchor System for Fall Protection

We can design, supply, and install multiple types of fall protection systems from roof anchors to horizontal lifeline systems that abide by the latest OSHA regulations. We will work with you to find a cost-effective solution to your project. Read More

Keeping people safe while working should always be the priority. It’s especially important with work at great heights, such as roof maintenance on tall buildings or window cleaning on skyscrapers. The risks are much greater and regulations are tighter accordingly. But roof fall protection can be difficult to navigate for those outside the industry. How do you know you have a quality anchor point that meets regulations? How do you find fall protection systems that best suit your needs? When you choose to rely on the Shine On Group, these things can stop being concerned. Our wide range of rooftop anchor for fall protection and our extensive experience guarantees that we’ll be able to find a solution that suits your project. We install, inspect and certify high-quality fall protection systems and anchor points that comply with all regulations and keep all work surfaces safe. We’ll even train your employees so that they understand how to safely use the system and are aware of safe working practices. When you need to install a roof anchor system, choose the Shine On Group.

Roof Anchors for Fall Protection

Having the right fall protection system in place for your building can become the difference between life and death. No one should have to risk their life and safety to perform their job, which is why it’s extremely important to invest in quality fall protection for your building. The Shine On Group can help you find fall protection systems that meet all OSHA regulations, keep your workers safe and provide the peace of mind that allows work to go on. Fall Protection Systems are the perfect tool for high-altitude safety. These anchors are attached to the main structure and serve as an attachment point for fall arrest devices. With a range of different anchors that can be used in different ways, it can be hard to choose the one that’s best for your project. We’re here to help you do exactly that.  We also offer window washing anchor installation to keep employees safe at work.

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A Roof Fall Anchor System That Suits

There are many roof anchors for fall protection on the market today, which makes it easier than ever to find one that suits your requirements exactly, but also makes it more complicated to learn about the advantages and disadvantages of each one and figure out which is best for you. The Shine On Group will help you find just the right fall protection system for every building and project. We can install all of the following:

  • Roof anchor system: A roof anchor is a device that attaches to the main work structure and serves as an anchor point for the other components you use to stop a fall. Anchor points can be used in different ways and are most often permanent installations, but can also be moved in some job sites. The Shine On Group are expert on roof anchor installation and will help you find the best solution for you.
  • Access system: This is a portable form of fall protection anchor that is normally custom designed and comes in a mobile frame or jib. This serves as an attachment point for fall arresting devices and is meant to be used with equipment that requires a worker to be significantly elevated. The Shine On Group can help you design a custom access system that provides adequate protection for a specific piece of equipment.
  • Horizontal lifelines: This is a versatile substitute for anchors when workers might not reach them consistently. Lifelines from the Shine On Group can be catered to each job site, made from the material that best fits and designed to attach to a roof, column, l-beam or rebar stud.

Benefits Of Roof Anchors for Fall Protection and Roof Anchor Systems:

OSHA compliance
(OSHA 1910.27)

Having certified anchors is the only solution of staying compliant with OSHA and it’s recent anchorage system ruling. With certified roof anchor, your fall protection system is fully compliant. With that being said, it gives your building the most options over time while creating the safest working environment.

Cost Savings

Having certified fall protection systems is a long-term investment. In addition, certified roof anchors should be a top priority, as they can reduce the costs of your roof overtime over time. With a certified fall protection system, vendors have more options in how they can perform their service on your building. Every time windows get washed or your building is serviced, costs are more likely to be reduced with certified fall protection systems in place.

Increased Safety

With a certified anchor system, you are giving your building and vendors who perform services for you the highest level of fall protection available. This enhances a vendor’s ability to perform services safely and efficiently. With a certified system, you know that engineers have designed and certified a system that is specific to your building’s needs.

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