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Davit Arm System for Fall Protection

Fall protection systems come in different models and versions these days, making it easier than ever to find the one that fits your job best. One such system is the davit arm, excellent for working at heights or lowering people into enclosed spaces. Portable and versatile, the davit arm fall protection system is an excellent choice for a wide range of situations and projects, and it might just be the right fit for you.

To get the most reliable fall protection and best customer service in the industry, choose Shine on Anchors. We help businesses all over the US design, install and maintain safe fall protection systems that comply with all relevant guidelines and keep workers safe and at ease when doing their job. We can supply a davit arm and many other fall protection systems according to your unique needs.

What is a Davit Arm Rescue System?

The davit system is a portable fall protection and rescue device that works similarly to a crane. It consists of a base, a height-adjustable mast and the davit arm. An individual can be strapped to the arm using a body harness, and they can then be lowered down and raised back up safely while remaining attached to the rest of the system. This makes the davit arm system perfect for working at heights, allowing someone to be lowered down the side of a building from the roof or down into an enclosed space for maintenance purposes, or as a rescue device.

When to Davit Arm For Fall Protection

The davit arm is versatile and has many applications. When you need your fall protection system to be portable, the davit arm system is one of the best choices available to you. This allows for safe working even when a permanent fall protection system is impossible or undesirable to implement. For example, the space can be too narrow or inaccessible for a permanent structure, or the fall protection system would only be used so infrequently that it would be a waste to invest in a permanent solution. The davit arm is a rescue system for all the same reasons, it’s portable and safe and is an excellent tool in rescue operations.

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Why Choose Us to Install Your Davit Arm System?

If you need a davit arm for fall protection or rescue operations, Shine on Anchors can supply you with a reliable, high-quality product. The reasons why you should choose us are many.

  • We’re highly experienced, with over 20 years in the industry, 2,500 completed jobs and all the necessary certifications and qualifications
  • We work with all our clients to find the perfect fall protection solution for their situation
  • Our services also include safety training, inspection and recertification
  • We work according to all OSHA regulations and exceed all safety standards, with safety always being our #1 priority
  • Our service area is nationwide, and we can help you no matter where you are in the country

We’ll help you navigate the fall protection options and complex health and safety regulations to ensure your fall protection equipment is certified to the highest standards. We can also assist with the installation of standing seam roof anchors and window washing anchors Contact us to find out more and get started.

Flexible Use in Various Situations

A davit arm is a crane-like device to which fall protection systems can be attached, or which can be used to lower workers and equipment down the outside of a building, often supporting a cradle from which those workers can operate safely and effectively. Each unit comprises:

  • a base that securely attaches the equipment to the building
  • a post that is inserted vertically into the base
  • an elbow that is secured to the top of the post
  • an offset arm that is attached to the elbow.

All components are held securely in place by pins, enabling the equipment to be assembled and dismantled quickly. This means that davit systems can be installed temporarily for one-off jobs although many are permanent features on buildings where regular work, such as window washing, is necessary.

Roof anchors are often fixed to the parapet of a building so that safety lines or window-washing equipment can be attached. However, if the parapet is non-structural or cannot otherwise support the relevant weight, davit arms are a practical alternative.

Hoist systems can be securely attached to a davit arm while there is also provision for a safety line for fall protection. The arm protrudes over the edge of the roof to enable workers and equipment to be safely lowered and raised. When not in use, the arm can be rotated inwards over the roof so that it is not visible from the ground and is unobtrusive. This also enables the arm to be rigged while in a safe and accessible position.

Many Uses for Our Roof Davit Systems

If you’re putting an effective fall protection system or personnel lifting system in place, roof davit systems can be an essential part. They’re used to raise and lower workers and equipment in complete safety and can also prevent falls as well as being vital equipment during rescue efforts. Typically, a window washing davit will be installed permanently on a high-rise building to enable façade cleaning and maintenance.

Davit arms are just part of an extensive range of fall prevention and arrest systems. They allow you to build a complete solution to safety for those working at height and also provide access to places that are otherwise difficult to reach.

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Customer Reviews

In the five years I have worked faithfully with Shine On, you have always lived up to your name! There are not too many gray areas in cleaning and maintenance; it is either top notch, or it is just not clean. And Shine On always delivers top notch! Your end product is consistently satisfactory.

Angela HeldmanVP, The Building Group

The gentlemen were excellent!!!!!! Thank you...

Melinda Burke

Your team was here last week installing the anchors in our building. I must say you could not have sent a better group of gentleman. They were courteous and professional from the beginning to end. They went out of their way to work with our tenants and their schedules. When they finished up in a suite it was cleaner than when they started. It could not have gone any smoother. There is no doubt I had the “A Team ” on this project.

Isabel Raehn-LantryThe Marcent Group

Just wanted to send my compliments to the two window washers that were on my terraces on Friday. They were so careful and thorough and deliberate. And two very nice young men as well. Windows are perfect and zero damage to my abundant plant life! If you have an avenue, please pass my compliments along to them and the company.

Rob MilneThe Parc Chestnut Condominium Association

I just wanted to tell you that Shine On is really starting to scare me. As a property manager I am not use to getting complements about window cleaning, only complaints. So what’s up with all the positive feedback I am getting? Andrew is great. He is friendly and professional and does an amazing job cleaning windows. My residents are loving this. Thanks for making my job easier.

Edison Giles540 North Lake Shore Drive Condominium Association

Equipment to Meet all Situations

Davit arms are extremely flexible and useful, whether installed permanently or used temporarily in different positions. They allow easy and safe access to building facades, preventing accidents and ensuring the safety of your workers.

Like all equipment that we supply, our davit arms are durable, high quality, and meet or exceed industry standards. We can supply standard equipment that meets your needs or, due to our ability to fabricate and customize components, can create bespoke items for individual situations.

Whatever we provide will be installed correctly, with full documentation and training in proper use for all your workers. We can also set up an inspection and maintenance plan to keep all your equipment in perfect working order, so people aren’t let down at times of need.

To ensure complete worker safety, compliance with regulations, and peace of mind, contact us today and we’ll assess your needs and then provide what is necessary.

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