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Anchor Points

One of the key components of any industrial fall protection system is the anchor point. If you have workers or equipment on rooftops, you must have a high-quality anchor point installed. It protects the safety of your workers and helps minimize damage to the surface you’re working on in the case of a fall.

We make it easy to find a high-quality anchor point that fits your distinct job site. Browse our range of top-quality anchor points for industrial fall protection today to keep your team and equipment safe.

What is an Anchor Point in Fall Protection?

Anchor points are manually attached to a work surface using secure bolts. They are installed into the work surface to provide maximum stability and resistance, which means they will hold up to heavy pressure if a worker or a piece of equipment falls.

Anchor points protect against falls over edges, of course, but also in case of falls through a surface. Some rooftop surfaces are unsafe to work on, and you need an anchor point in a secure part of the roof that will keep workers and you protected in case of a collapse.

Types of Anchor Point

Below are some of the most popular anchor point options we carry and how they can improve your work site.

Rigid Post Single Anchor Points

These models are perfect for:

– Roof surfaces with a pitch that is 5:12 or higher.
– They offer a secure tether for workers to move down the sloping roof
– Ideal for tethering materials that could fall on a slope.
– Perfect for suspended activities like window washing.

Tip-Over Single Anchor Points

Tip-over models provide:

– Ideal tethering for roof surfaces with a pitch of 4:12 or below
– Tip-over mechanism lessens the impact of a fall on the incline
– Spreads the impact area
– Allows for the surface to remain intact even with heavier tethered objects

Portable Single Anchor Points

The portable model provides:

– Easy way to attach to areas like parapet walls and door and window jams
– Provide secure tethering without the need to set up a permanent system – Ideal for roof maintenance professionals and other industries where you may spend limited time working in an elevated area

Vacuum Single Anchor Points

Vacuum anchor points are another excellent choice for temporary work sites. This is especially true for transport applications: maintaining trains and aircraft is far easier when you have a portable solution that can be moved to wherever you need it most. There’s no point investing in rigid solutions for applications where you’ll need a lot of mobility.

Vacuum points are anchored by compressed air and provide sturdy support to mitigate the risk of falling when you’re working on difficult surfaces. They can also be used in pairs to form a Horizontal Lifeline.

If you work in aviation or any sector where you need a high level of mobility and the best OSHA-compliant industrial fall protection, contact us today to learn more about our vacuum anchor points.

D-Ring Single Anchor Points

D-ring tethering systems are ideal if you’re working on walls or parapets. They’re easy to install and provide an extremely secure tethering point in difficult conditions. Like rigid points, they work best in areas where you don’t require a wide range of movement — however, the security they provide is considerable. They hold up better than almost any other solution in difficult conditions.

For an unbeatable range of OSHA-compliant D-ring anchor points, get in touch with us today.

By Using Effective Anchor Points, Roof Falls are Preventable

Most industrial accidents result from trips, slips, and falls, and the most serious ones are caused by falls from height. These not only result in deaths or severe injuries for those directly affected by the accidents but can also have unfortunate repercussions for the company. These can include fines and other penalties, claims for compensation, interruptions to production, and reputational damage that can adversely affect future profitability.

To avoid these problems, all companies must take precautions against accidents. In particular, where operatives work at height and so are especially at risk, you need to set up fall prevention and arrest systems that are secured to anchor points at roof level.

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Permanent and Temporary Anchor Points for Flexibility

Anchor points are metal bars with an eye at one end and are securely fixed to roofs or walls so that lifelines and other cables can be attached to them. These cables can be used to support cables for operatives working on the outside of buildings, such as for window washing or façade maintenance, or to arrest the movement of workers who fall so they avoid injury.

A portable fall protection anchor point can be used as a temporary measure to carry out one-off or infrequent jobs and can be moved to different locations as needed. Most anchor points are permanent features where access to roofs and façades is required regularly for window washing or maintenance work.

Most high roofs are exposed to harsh weather conditions so our anchors are made from high-grade galvanized or stainless steel so they are extremely strong and resistant to corrosion. They are most commonly used for fall arrest and restraint, work positioning and to affix horizontal lifelines for safe working.

Anchor points can be fixed in a variety of ways. These include by steel screws or anchor bolts into metal roofs or by chemical fixing into concrete surfaces. This depends on roof construction and membranes, with certain methods being most suitable for abseil access to building exteriors. We will always choose the anchor type and fixing method that are most suitable for the roofing material and the way the anchors are to be used.

Reliable and Compliant at All Times

Anchor points must be suitable for the loads put upon them and must be completely reliable at all times because worker safety depends on them. They also have to comply fully with regulations, which are also intended to ensure safety in the workplace.

To achieve these aims, all our roof anchor systems, like every other product, are checked at every stage of production and installed correctly in accordance with best practice. We also provide comprehensive training in the use and maintenance of all pieces of safety equipment and undertake safety inspections and maintenance in accordance with regulations.

We aim to ensure you comply fully with all requirements and that your workers are kept as safe as possible. So we provide the most extensive and complete level of service possible to ensure this happens.

To avoid accidents and all the upset that inevitably goes with them, contact us today to greatly improve your safety record.

Need Anchor Points For Your Fall Protection System?

When you operate on industrial work sites, you need the highest level of OSHA-compliant protection for your workers & equipment so that everyone can return home safely every day. The best industrial protection systems also allow you to complete your work at the highest level and in the minimum amount of time.

Contact us today for more information about how anchor points can benefit your company, your building and your piece of mind.

Contact Us Today For Anchor Installation Services

Anchor installation is a crucial component for all fall protection systems. These systems are an absolute critical safety measure for any elevated job site. With these protections in place, your workers are guarded from risk. Contact us today for the anchor installation you want, so you can keep your project site safe.

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