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Standing Seam Fall Protection

Working on great heights comes with great risks, but these can be minimized greatly with the right safety equipment. With a fall protection system from the Shine On Group, your employees can work safely on any roof, performing maintenance and cleaning windows along with other risky tasks. For standing seam roofs, we recommend a standing seam safety anchor as the best solution to keep everyone safe and comply with OSHA regulations. We can help you make high-altitude work less dangerous with our consultation service on fall protection solutions alongside the installation of high-quality systems and inspection and certification to ensure you stay up to date with regulations.

Experts in Standing Seam Roof Anchor Installation

After 20 years in the industry and with 4,000 clients behind us, we have the expertise and experience you need to trust that any fall protection system we install or vouch for is safe and reliable. Choose the Shine On Group to find the most cost-effective and safest solution for your building and project.

What Is a Standing Seam Safety Anchor?

A safety anchor is a device installed on a roof, to which you then attach any fall arrest components you use to stop a fall, such as rope. These anchors can be used in different ways. Some are movable but most are permanent. The nature of the job determines what kind of anchor connector will be used, and there’s a solution for most situations. When it comes to standing seam roofs, a standing seam roof anchor is what you will want. This anchor will have been specifically designed for this type of roof and will keep anyone safe standing on them.

What Are The Benefits Of Standing Seam Roof Anchors

OSHA compliance

Having certified anchors is the only solution of staying compliant with OSHA and it’s recent anchorage system ruling. The reason why fall protection systems are so important is because they prevent serious accidents that can cause injuries and even death if someone were to fall.

Cost Savings

Roof Anchors are a long-term investment in your business. Certified roof anchors can reduce the costs of your roof overtime over time. With a certified standing seam roof anchor, vendors have more options in performing their service on your building.

Increased Safety

Standing roof anchors, give your building the highest level of fall protection available for any vendors who may do work such as; window washing. This allows vendor’s the opportunity to perform services safely and efficiently.

Why You Need Standing Seam Roof Anchors

The health and safety of workers should be the number one priority in any situation and human life is worth any amount of money. The reason why fall protection systems are so important is because they prevent serious accidents that can cause injuries and even death if someone were to fall. To prevent this, you need a reliable, high-quality system that can stop a fall. These systems are required by law and need to comply with OSHA regulations. If you don’t have any or they don’t meet the current regulations, you could be looking at huge fines or lawsuits and you are likely to be held responsible in the event of an accident. Everyone deserves to be safe in their workplace, anchor installation provides safety and peace of mind that allow for productivity and effective working processes that keep everyone safe. Read More

Choose Shine on Anchors for Your Standing Seam Roof Anchor

If you’re in need of a standing seam safety anchor, choose Shine On Anchors to help you out. We’ll be with you every step of the way, from the initial consultation where we help you develop the most cost effective and suitable solution for your building and project, to the installation, inspection and maintenance of your new system or an existing one. We install top-quality safety anchors and train your employees in safe working processes to help you comply with OSHA regulations and prevent serious accidents. Get in touch with our team to start the process today.
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