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Fall Protection Training

Minimizing fall hazards is your businesses responsibility. It is ultimately your responsibility to establish a fall protection policy for everyone who works in and around your building. To ensure that your staff are protected, training them on the proper use and best practices of your fall protection equipment is one of the best investments you can make at your property.

And who better to offer this training than Shine On Group.

Let us show you the steps to empower your team and give them the confidence they need to do their job. After installing your fall protection equipment, we offer training for your team to stay safe for the long haul.
Learn more below.

Inspecting & Certifying Your Fall Protection Systems & Equipment

Once your fall protection system install is completed, we ensure that all its components undergo inspection and certification.

In your possession you will receive certification documents that always deliver OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) standards, and our sign off ensures that your systems testing capabilities and operational limits are superb. These documents will serve to inform outside inspectors that your system has received approval from an OSHA-defined “qualified” person.

What Our Training Sessions Can Do For You

Our training sessions will detail the following information:

The Operation of Your Fall Protection System

Your fall protection system is the bread and butter of your business. It enables your employees to complete high-risk tasks safely and efficiently.

Your team will know how to operate your fall protection system with our hands-on training sessions. The thorough explanations and demonstrations that your team will receive will include all the components and operating steps involved. Your team will have as much time as possible from our instructors to ensure everyone possesses a comprehensive understanding.

Our instructors address all members of your team, including:

  • Users of your system
  • Management
  • Future in-house trainers

Personal Protective Equipment

Knowing how to use your fall protection system is essential. But no matter how well-informed you are, you can’t perform the safest job possible without the proper personal protective equipment (PPE).

When most people think of PPE, images of lab coats and safety goggles will come to mind. But the PPE necessary for the fall protection industry is much more extensive. One of the most important pieces is a sturdy safety harness.

Not every employee on your team will wear the same type of safety harness. Each employee’s harness must fit their unique body type. Some harnesses come in sizes that range from small to extra-large, while others provide a universal fit with minor adjustments. It’s up to you to determine which harnesses you have on hand and ensure your employees know how to wear them properly.

We’ll also educate you on the different types of harnesses available, including those that are:

  • Highly visible at night
  • Lightweight
  • Abrasion- and heat-resistant
  • Resistant to grime, dirt, grease, and oil
  • Meant for welding work

Your employees will be able to work in any conditions, wearing the proper PPE, with the information and training that we provide.

Fall Arrest Devices

A fall arrest device is for stopping employees mid-fall. It consists of an anchorage, body harness, and connector. Fall arrest devices are essential to all employees’ security.

OSHA demands that all fall arrest devices meet specific requirements to optimize on-the-job safety. Some of these requirements include:

  • Limit the maximum arresting force to 1,800 pounds.
  • An employee can’t free-fall more than six feet.
  • Don’t attach these devices to hoists or guardrail systems.

There’s undoubtedly a lot to consider when it comes to using and maintaining your fall arrest devices. When you’ve completed your training, you will be prepared for all potential circumstances and challenges that may come your way with these devices.

For example, we offer training in terms of when to remove systems from service. You’ll want to remove all components and systems from service if they’ve been subjected to fall impact. You must not allow any employees to use these systems until a competent person deems them suitable for use.

Examples like these are simple and our training gives you the tools to make the best educated decisions in real time.

Accessory Hardware

Your fall protection system will come with various hardware accessories. Understanding what each of these pieces does is essential for safe operation. Some of the pieces we’ll provide training on how to use include:


Load release hitch cords

Suspension trauma safety straps

Web rebar and positioning lanyards

Though these accessories may seem small and unimportant, they are key to having your workers complete airborne tasks without issues.

Understanding how these components connect and work together can be confusing at first, especially on a large worksite. But your company will be able to create risk-free conditions for everyone on your team once your training is complete.

Contact Us Today for Fall Protection Training

Shine On installs fall protection systems and equipment for businesses with the utmost confidence. The same goes for our Training. When we leave your job site, your crew will know how to properly use your new gear with confidence.

Once we install your business’s fall protection systems and equipment, we’ll have them inspected and certified. Then, we offer thorough training on every element of your system. Your employees will be able to work safely and efficiently, which means higher productivity for everyone on your team.

Contact us today for fall protection training for your business. You’ll receive peace of mind, training that creates a safe atmosphere and your business operations will run without the background noise of being possibly at risk.

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