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Ladder Systems

Ladders & Ladder Safety Systems

Climbing a ladder present serious risks to you and your workers. It is also an essential task for completing work in various industries. Workers can easily lose their footing while climbing a ladder, especially if they’re carrying multiple tools on their way up or down. This simple worksite set up creates havoc in the workplace with cascading effects if ladder fall protection solutions are not in place.

When you invest in ladder fall protection solutions they help mitigate risks. Read below for the ladder safety systems we offer to our clients.

Our Two Primary Ladder Systems for Enhanced Safety

There are two main types of ladder systems for your enhanced safety on the job site. These two ladder systems are described below.

Vertical Lifeline

A vertical lifeline is a cable-based ladder system. It features a shuttle that attaches to the D-ring of an employee’s harness. The shuttle acts as a mobile anchor point and moves with the worker as he travels up and down the rungs. If a worker loses his footing, the shuttle will engage the cable, stopping the employee from falling far at all. He’ll only experience a slight jolt, and then the cable will support his weight until he can once again place his feet on the device’s rungs.

All of this means that should your worker fall off the ladder, the fall is brief and the worker is protected from harm. And while fall protection for ladder work may seem like overkill, it’s not. Ladder work consists of a large percentage of the overall onsite accidents.

It’s important to note that while OSHA doesn’t require a vertical lifeline, we still keep OSHA’s regulations in mind when installing ladders for your building.

Some of the guidelines we use in conjunction with OSHA regulations:

– The grab bars’ minimum size is the same size as the ladders’ rungs.
– The steps, rungs, and side rails must be continuous in their extension (for side-step ladders).
– Grab bars that don’t stick out on the climbing side beyond the rungs.

While OSHA doesn’t require a vertical lifeline, the organization does demand all climbing systems over 24-feet tall to have a cage. A cage only prevents workers from falling backward. Without a vertical lifeline, a worker can develop serious injuries and harm others who are lower down on the structure. We strongly recommend that every permanent ladder system has a vertical lifeline.

The best protection in worker safety is the having the best option available for safety.

Fixed Access Ladder System

Are you looking for a ladder system that your employees can start using as soon as possible?

Consider our fixed access ladder systems. These systems give you a short installation time, meaning your business will resume operations efficiently.
This system comes with adjustable stand-off brackets, which solve the frustrating issue of when obstructions around a building interfere with ladder installations. The adjustable stand-off brackets allow you to get rid of the need for modifying permanently welded mounting brackets.

When your fixed access ladder systems is installed, there are many design considerations. The installation process will deliver you quick results, a seamless climbing experience, and a long-lasting product.

Check out some of our design considerations below.

Engineered Side Rails & Mounting Hardware

The engineered side rails and mounting hardware we offer will cut your installation time in half. This results in minimal on site work, which means your team will be operational in no time.

User Experience

Your experience with us through the entire process is paramount. At any moment if you feel confused or unsure, let us know. Some of these processes can be confusing on the outside. It’s our job to simplify them to you so that you understand exactly what your investment is and what it can do for you.


Your ladder systems will receive heavy use during their lifetime that’s why our systems feature durable materials like carbon steel to ensure your investment.

All our products come with a warranty.

If something goes wrong prematurely, we’ll address the issue to get your employees back on the job site.

Optional Accessories

If you have a small-scale worksite, the fixed-access system may be enough. But if you have a larger area to work with, you will benefit from investing in optional accessories.

Accessories include:

– Bolt-on walk-throughs
– Safety gates
– P-returns
– Parapet crossovers.

These accessories make your workers’ jobs much easier and provide extra layers of protection.

Which Industries Do We Serve?

Our fall protection systems keep workers in many industries safe from injury. Some industries and places that we install ladder systems for include:

– Property Management
– Real Estate
– Hospitals
– Construction
– Bridges/Transportation
– Wind turbine
– Water tower
– Oil rigs

If you don’t see your industry above, no problem. Give us a call. There’s a very good chance we have the capability to handle your need.

Interested in Our Ladder Systems for Your Business? Contact Us Today.

Unsecured ladders are one of the workplaces top accident areas. People underestimate their abilities on this simple piece of equipment. These accidents will hamper your ability to operate but more importantly, it affects the people around you. The people that help your business grow.

For safe and effective ladder systems for your business, contact us today.

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