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Industrial Rope Access (IRA)

Shine On Group is qualified in fall protection services

Shine On Group is qualified in fall protection services utilizing IRA (Industrial Rope Access), SPRAT certified employees (Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians). Our goal is to lead the pack in helping our customers understand the latest in fall protection systems and anchorage systems. IRA (Industrial Rope Access) is used in a wide range of maintenance, repair, inspection, and work which requires access to difficult or technical areas that would otherwise be unreachable. This method allows building owners and management to stay compliant with OSHA’s ruling on anchorage systems (OSHA 1910.27) while at the same time continuing to still be cost efficient.

Industrial Rope Access Companies for those Difficult Jobs

Originally developed from climbing and caving techniques, industrial rope access systems allow operatives to work at height or to access difficult-to-reach places. They’re generally used where scaffolding or suspended platforms are not practical.

As a supplier and installer of industrial safety systems, we are fully conversant with the use of these systems and know what is required to comply with safety regulations. We are also able to supply a range of rope access services by using our own highly trained and qualified technicians with the appropriate equipment.

Markets Served:
  • Residential & Commercial
  • Property Management
  • High Rise
  • Mid and Low Rise
  • Single Family Homes
  • Retirement Homes
  • Associations
  • Condominiums
  • Multi Unit Buildings
  • Hotels
  • Office
BENEFITS OF IRA (Industrial Rope Access)

1. OSHA Compliant (1910.27)
If your building doesn’t have a certified anchorage system or is above the 300 foot height restriction, IRA is a system that can be used to complete service at your location while maintaining OSHA compliance. IRA is excluded from OSHA’s definition of RDS (Rope Decent Systems), as IRA systems differ in a number of ways due to the equipment used and more developed safety protocols.

2. Cost Savings
IRA removes the need for invasive costly swing staging/scaffolding equipment that can be a disruption to a building’s environment. Cost savings can be as much as a third of the cost of traditional staging equipment.

3. Increased Safety
The SPRAT (Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians) certification and training is the process that workers utilizing IRA are trained on. Our team uses the latest advanced equipment and invest in continuous training and implementation of the latest safety standards and IRA systems.

Uses and Benefits of Industrial Rope Access Systems

Sometimes known as industrial climbing, rope access is a work positioning method that uses ropes so that workers can reach areas that would otherwise be inaccessible. In these cases, workers ascend and descend on a rope, which is their primary means of support, positioning, and protection.

An industrial rope access system is much easier and quicker to set up and dismantle than scaffolding and so enables work to be carried out much more efficiently and cost-effectively. It is also less likely to disrupt other operations and so is better for productivity.

Despite the obvious benefits, rope access is nevertheless a practice that is exposed to potential dangers. Consequently, it is governed by two professional organizations — the Industrial Rope Access Trade Association (IRATA) and the Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians (SPRAT) — that provide certification programs and oversee the use of rope access.

We always comply with regulations by ensuring that:

  • anyone using individual support lines is either trained in accordance with IRATA or SPRAT guidelines or is under the direct supervision of someone who is
  • all rigging complies with OSHA regulations
  • ropes, harnesses, and rigging equipment are inspected after each use to ensure there are no defects
  • all equipment meets IRATA and SPRAT standards and is securely tethered to a worker when suspended
  • single-point suspension lines are only used for inspections and investigations rather than physical work and the maximum load for each line does not exceed 250 pounds
  • a support seat will be used if a worker is to be suspended for over ninety minutes.

Shine On Group specializes in:

  • IRA (Industrial Rope Access)
  • SPRAT (Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians) employment
  • OSHA compliance (1910.27)
  • Anchor Systems
  • Scaffold Systems
  • Advanced Training and Implementation
  • Descent and Ascent Equipment

Safety and Efficiency for Rope Access

Our business is focused on safety, whether that is in the provision of equipment or the way our workers operate. We will, therefore, always install high-quality equipment properly, ensure it is correctly inspected and maintained, and that all workers are trained in the safe and effective use of the equipment.

Shine On Anchors understand the safety requirements, which can change, and we are always compliant. But, for us, it is about more than simply achieving compliance. We genuinely want to keep all workers safe while ensuring they can operate in an efficient manner.

Safe workers tend to be good and conscientious workers, so it is in everyone’s interest to comply with standards and ensure workers know what those standards are. So, if you need work done in difficult-to-access places, we can provide the equipment, the training, and the technicians to get the job done.

Customer Reviews

In the five years I have worked faithfully with Shine On, you have always lived up to your name! There are not too many gray areas in cleaning and maintenance; it is either top notch, or it is just not clean. And Shine On always delivers top notch! Your end product is consistently satisfactory.

Angela HeldmanVP, The Building Group

The gentlemen were excellent!!!!!! Thank you...

Melinda Burke

Your team was here last week installing the anchors in our building. I must say you could not have sent a better group of gentleman. They were courteous and professional from the beginning to end. They went out of their way to work with our tenants and their schedules. When they finished up in a suite it was cleaner than when they started. It could not have gone any smoother. There is no doubt I had the “A Team ” on this project.

Isabel Raehn-LantryThe Marcent Group

Just wanted to send my compliments to the two window washers that were on my terraces on Friday. They were so careful and thorough and deliberate. And two very nice young men as well. Windows are perfect and zero damage to my abundant plant life! If you have an avenue, please pass my compliments along to them and the company.

Rob MilneThe Parc Chestnut Condominium Association

I just wanted to tell you that Shine On is really starting to scare me. As a property manager I am not use to getting complements about window cleaning, only complaints. So what’s up with all the positive feedback I am getting? Andrew is great. He is friendly and professional and does an amazing job cleaning windows. My residents are loving this. Thanks for making my job easier.

Edison Giles540 North Lake Shore Drive Condominium Association

Comprehensive Service Start to Finish

Shine On Group is Chicagoland’s leading company specializing in advanced Industrial Rope Access (IRA) for commercial properties.

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Do you want to hire a roof anchor company with an excellent reputation and strong credibility? You don’t need to look any further than Shine On Group. We offer a wide variety of services to meet the ever emerging needs of different customers. You can contact us for the design and installation of scalable and portable fall protection systems, anchor certification, as well as fall protection training and window cleaning consulting.

In order to protect the interests of our customers in the best possible way, we have made our services cost effective, and you can also expect impeccable timeliness with us.

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