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Project Management

Project Management

Your everyday already has deadlines, stress, headaches, emails, phone calls and that’s WITHOUT managing the fall protection system that may or may not be on your building yet. What if you didn’t need to manage anything at all for your system? It’s possible with Shine On.

Our Project Management Services Include:

– Streamlining and simplifying the installation process
– Streamlining and simplifying the annual inspection process
– Streamlining and simplifying the recertification process
– Checklists for everything you need to have on file to ensure you have proper documentation at all times
– Extending the longevity of your system through proper maintenance and checks
– Full access to our team long after we left the job site so you can get any questions answered that come up
– Follow ups for all annual inspection and recertification due dates. That way if you forget about it, we’ve got you covered.

A proper industrial fall protection system empowers your contractors to safely operate on the job site. It also protects your company against liability.

Contact us today to learn how you never have to worry about costly citations.

A Streamlined And Seamless Process that works for you

This Process Includes:

  • On-Site Engineering Review
  • Design
  • Client Approval
  • Fabrication
  • Installation

On-Site Engineering Review

The most important part of the process?

Asking you what end result feels good to you. We want to know upfront what part of the process is confusing. Our job is to listen first. Then evaluate.

Next, we evaluate the building and the site as a whole. We’ll look at the current operating systems and investigate to find any areas of concern for installation down the line.


  • Site observation
  • Options available on site
  • Client objectives.

Once these 3 targets are understood, you will receive a path forward from us that is efficient and safe.

Client Approval

Your education on what option you are going to choose, how it will benefit your operation and overall knowledge of the process is where we slow down to ensure you are confident in your investment.

Once we get the green light from you, materials are then ordered.

Fabrication and Procurement

Simply put, we obtain the necessary components for installation and ensure that the shipment arrives as close to the start date as possible. Which means you won’t have to take your on site workers off their assignments and waste precious resources.

Partnering with us means clear communication that will set your expectations long before we arrive.

Installation and Training

The Final Stage Includes:

– Overseeing a successful installation
– Training employees on-site on how to use the gear safely
– Certifying your equipment and documenting it so that you are covered till the next recertification.
– Leaving you confident and capable with the full knowledge of your investment

Industry Professionals

The team assigned to your project will bring you in and share with you the details that makes these projects successful. This ensures a more cohesive and team oriented approach that allows for fluid communication to take place. It also means you have a designated point person or team of people directly tasked with managing the seamless process from start to finish.

Detail Matter

With your safety on the line, details matter. All of them.

Our process provides you in-depth documentation to keep along with your company’s records. This will be essential in protecting yourself from claims and citations regarding your fall protection equipment functionality.

Our attention to detail promises your success and safety all the way from design, to installation, to training.

Exceed Industry Safety Standards

– We guarantee 100% Occupational Safety and Health Administration, OSHA compliance
– Each of our project managers know the OSHA standards as well as everyone on the engineering team, the testing team and the sales team.
– Save yourself the hours of research on what the standard number 1910.140 subpart 1 of OSHA says
– Skip the lesson on the difference between a lanyard and a lifeline

Instead, let Shine On handle the leg work and you can focus on moving your business forward.

Contact Us

Our project management services will guide you seamlessly through obtaining and installing your fall protection equipment. Saving you energy, time, and money.

Contact us for a free quote for relieving you of project management services for fall protection.

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