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Rope Access Anchor Testing

Rope Access Services in Industrial Establishments

If you are on the search for the best rope access companies in the USA, hire Shine On Group. Our expertise in designing, supplying and installing Industrial Rope Access (IRA) systems is unbeatable. We also offer the best services for Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians or SPRAT certified technicians.

If you are searching for the best industrial rope access system in the USA, look no further than us. Our objective is to make our customers aware of the modern anchorage and fall protection systems. IRA is being extensively utilized in a broad array of inspection, repair and maintenance works which demand access to difficult areas that are normally inaccessible. Our services always offer the best assistance for the building owners so that they comply with the regulations put forward by OSHA and ANIS on anchorage systems. When you hire our services, you don’t need to worry about the cost, because our prices are the most cost effective ones in the industry.

Rope Access Anchor Inspection

Ensuring that your fall protection system, including roof anchors, are safe is extremely important. It’s not enough to install a system if you never inspect it to make sure it’s still working properly. Guidelines and regulations change which means you need to stay up to date, and improper usage or wear and tear from the elements can cause damage to your anchors. Finding these before it’s too late is crucial for avoiding accidents or bigger repair fees to fix larger issues that could have been nipped in the bud earlier. It’s required by OSHA that an inspection is performed once every 12 months, and one of the most cost-efficient and simple ways of doing it is by using a rope access system. For the best and most reliable rope access anchor testing services in the USA, you should choose the Shine On Group. We design, supply, inspect and maintain the safest, highest quality rope access systems and fall protection systems in the country and have the expertise to provide you with the peace of mind you need for your operations to continue. Read More

Why Rope Access Anchor Testing is Important?

Using a rope access system to perform inspections is very cost-efficient and easy, which is why many prefer it to other methods. Your alternatives are usually expensive scaffolding or swing staging, which takes more time to set up, requires more people, costs more money and is generally disruptive to the building’s environment. A rope access inspection is much more affordable and less time-consuming. If you choose the Shine On Group, you can save up to 66% compared to conventional staging equipment. Rope access systems can still be fully compliant with all OSHA requirements, and when you choose us, they’re guaranteed to exceed all safety protocols.

Thorough Rope Anchor Point Testing

If it’s time for you to ensure that your fall protection systems and roof anchors are still compliant and safe, we offer all the inspection and certification services you need. We perform thorough rope anchor point testing and inspection according to OSHA and IWCA requirements for regular inspections and recertification. During an inspection, our experts will assess your anchors for damage, weakness and failure by comparing them to current regulations, examine damage, complete load testing and advice on any necessary adjustments and repairs. We’re a business with great integrity and you can always rely on us to do a thorough and accurate job.

Choosing Shine On Anchors for Rope Access Services

When it’s time for your next roof anchor inspection, choose the Shine on Anchors. We have extensive expertise and experience after being in the industry for over 20 years and completing over 2,500 projects all over the US. Our prices are extremely competitive and all our workers are highly trained and skilled experts who know exactly what they’re doing. We offer one of the most cost-effective services in the country, giving you the best value for your money and never compromising on safety for a cheaper service. We’ll keep your fall protection systems certified and OSHA-compliant. We also offer fall positioning system installation. To find out more and book an inspection, fill out the form on our website or use the contact details to get in touch.
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What are the major advantages of our industrial rope access services?

Strict compliance with OSHA regulations (1910.27)

If your building doesn’t have a certified anchorage system or is above the 300 foot height restriction, IRA is a system that can be used to complete service at your location while maintaining OSHA compliance. IRA is excluded from OSHA’s definition of RDS (Rope Descent Systems), as IRA systems differ in a number of ways due to the equipment used and more developed safety protocols.


When you use our industrial rope access system, you don’t have to bother with expensive scaffolding equipment or swing staging which cause a disruptive effect on the overall environment of a building. You can save approximately 66% with our IRA solutions compared to the conventional staging equipment.

Enhanced Safety

All workers making use of IRA have to learn the process of SPRAT certification and training. As one of the top rope access companies in the USA, we utilize the most refined equipment to serve the needs of our customers affectively. Shine On Group also makes investments in continuous training and we are committed to implementing the most advanced safety standards and IRA systems.

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