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Fall Protection Fabrication

Our Fall Protection Systems Design and Fabrication Services

Fall protection systems are essential for a safe working environment. But not just any fall protection system will do. Every property has its own unique set of challenges that must be overcome to be able to have the necessary equipment that ensures the highest amount of safety.

We offer fall protection systems for every type of job imaginable. Learn more about our fall protection services and which plans are right for you!

Fall Protection Fabrication for Your Work

The fabrication process we use guarantees structural integrity and confirms the safety of your equipment. The CAD software will complete highly detailed drawings that you will be able to retain for your document management.

Our team uses the American Welding Society Structural Welding Code in compliance with OSHA regulations to make sure that you have the strongest & safest equipment possible.

What Our Fall Protection Fabrication Can Offer

Anchor Points

Anchor Points are used For:

– Connect lanyards
– Connect lifelines
– Connect tie-offs
– All of which prevent falls

Not all anchor points will work with all work sites. That’s why we have various anchor points and designs, all of which are OSHA compliant, to suit your site’s needs and budget.

Cable Based Lifelines

Cable Based Lifelines Offer:

– Both vertical and horizontal lifelines offer proper safety access for your entire facility
– Provides adequate fall clearance
– All cables will meet all OSHA regulations.

Whether you need replacement cables or new ones altogether, we can get you the right lifelines for your site.


Catwalks Offer:

– A safe way to access elevated spots
– A practical way that allows workers a simple solution to reach difficult places
– Catwalk systems: multiple catwalks designed to provide access to all the areas that you want
– Highly decreases fall risk because of practicality

Our engineers are ready to design catwalks for your team.

Confined Space and Rescue

Confined Space and Rescue Includes the Following Criteria:

– Limited entry and exit points
– Entrapments
– Hazardous atmospheric conditions
– Engulfment

Any worksite can not take these risks lightly.

Our emergency exit equipment plans and equipment for your teams will meet OSHA compliance and are ready for you at any time.

Ladder Systems

Just one moment of lost footing, especially in inclement weather, can lead to disaster. Ladder fall protection fabrication is a simple way to keep your teams safe without making the worksite too complicated.

Our vertical lifelines are a simple solution and easy to use. Simply attach the shuttle to a worker’s D-ring on their harness. When necessary, a falling person engages the cable, halting their descent.

Loading Platforms

Loading platforms reduce the risk of slips and accidents while traveling throughout a site. We can also provide stairs, gangways, and guardrails on your loading platforms. These additions grant safe access no matter where your employees need to operate.

Rigid Rail Systems

Rigid rails limit the fall distance and eliminate dangers to your workers. These self-retracting lifelines significantly reduce the risk of falling. Your rails are welded with the highest quality and structural integrity. Ask us about our rigid rail systems today!

Roof Fall Protection

Roof fall protection options include:

– Skylight guards
– Single-point anchors
– Engineered horizontal lifelines
– Weighted base guardrails

What option is right for you will be determined from our site visit.

Suspended Access & Window Washing

Equipment needed for any Facade Maintenance and Washing Includes:

– Anchors
– Monorail Systems
– Rigging Sleeves

Which equipment you will need will be presented to you after our team of professionals perform a custom analysis of your site. It is here that you will presented with the best investment options that ensure the highest level of safety at your location.

Portable Fall Protection

If your site is portable, outdoors, on transportation vehicles, or just lacks overhead anchor points, we have solutions for you. Portable fall protection solutions are a great way to ensure safety for your workers, no matter where they work.

Fall Protection is an Investment

Contact us Today

Fall Protection is like buying insurance. It’s an investment. It’s meant to protect you and workers at all times. The right equipment will keep your job sites safe for years to come. Call us today and get an assessment of your needs!

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