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Installing Anchors on a High-Rise

By January 26, 2022No Comments

Safety is the number one priority when deciding what mechanisms to install for a job site located on a high-rise. The type of anchors on a high-rise will determine the flexibility and protection offered to workers on elevated job sites. Below are the best types of anchors used for safety while working on a high-rise. 

Anchor Types for Fall Protection

Devices used for fall protection are not created the same and serve different purposes on elevated job sites. Below are the most common anchors used for fall protection to keep workers safe on the job. 

Anchorage Connectors 

Anchorage connectors attach to the main structure of the building to act as the central attachment point for the other parts of the fall arrest system. 

Anchorage connectors can be used differently depending on the job. They are typically fixed in place but can have removable anchors. The type of connector can also differ depending on the job. 

Access Systems

Access systems are the most portable fall protection anchors. They are used with equipment when a worker is significantly elevated. Access systems are used as anchors on a high-rise, so workers can create an attachment point for various devices using a mobile frame or jib. 

Access systems are custom-made to provide the most protection for workers when handling equipment at an elevated job site. 

Horizontal Lifelines 

Horizontal lifelines are used as a substitute for anchorage connectors when workers do not need to reach for the fall protection system as often. This is a versatile safety measure that can be attached to a variety of structures, including concrete columns, a rebar stud, an I-beam, and roofs. 

Horizontal lifelines can be made out of galvanized steel or another synthetic material, depending on what is required for the job. 

Keeping Workers Safe

Choosing the proper anchors on a high-rise to provide maximum safety for workers is determined by the elevation level and equipment being used on the job. The fall protection devices listed above are the mechanisms guaranteed to keep workers safe.