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High-Rise Window Cleaning Anchor Installation

windows are going to undermine that beauty and presence quickly. 

No one wants to see dirty windows on a building, but how do you ensure the people cleaning are safe on a high-rise? Read on and learn all about high-rise anchor installation for window cleaning so you can ensure that everyone’s safe while on the job. 

Why Proper High-Rise Anchor Installation Is Important

For the sake of safety when cleaning windows, every high-rise building must have anchors where window cleaners suspend themselves while cleaning. These anchors have to pass specific safety requirements and align with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) safety regulations. 

OSHA-approved fall systems ensure that workers will ultimately be safe if anything happens while someone is cleaning. And perhaps the most essential part of any fall system is the anchorage. 

Buying Anchors

Determine the Number of Anchors You Need

Many factors come into play when it comes to the number of anchors needed for a structural building. Some of the factors that need to be considered include the height of the building, where people will be cleaning, and how many people. Speak with an expert to ensure you have enough. 

Verify What Anchors Will Work on Your Roof

Different buildings are all topped off with different materials for the roofs. But not every anchor is made to work with every roofing material. 

So before you invest in anchors, do some research into your roof and shop based on what equipment will hold best. 

Window cleaning on a high-rise may look intimidating, but because the proper equipment saves so many lives, it doesn’t even crack the top 100 most dangerous jobs. You can help keep it that way by investing in high-quality safety equipment for your window cleaners. 

Installing Your Anchors

Find a Certified Company

Due to the project’s sensitivity, you must find a highly regarded company with a good reputation for high-rise anchor installations. 

The company you choose must align with the stipulated OSHA requirements. They’ll be able to point you in the right direction of the highest quality anchors. A good anchor has to undergo rigorous testing and dynamic load tests to test its integrity. It’s for everyone’s safety and peace of mind.

Follow the User Manual Instructions

You will find that each anchor has its own set of instructions and warnings. Read and understand the manual thoroughly before starting any installation.

Remember to follow every step with attention to detail so that no problems go unnoticed. 

While the installation may seem like a simple matter of fastening screws and plates, it should be done by an experienced professional. Contact someone you trust to install the anchors so that the professional can ensure it meets all the requirements for safety equipment. 


You’ve gotten the equipment and had it installed — now it’s time to check-in and make sure it’s up to the task. 

The relevant authorities must complete the inspection for any high-rise anchor installation completed either in-house or by another company. According to OSHA regulations, the assessment is to be conducted by a third party.

Enjoy Your Safe, Reliable System

Whenever in doubt, ensure that you have an expert you can rely on for advice. Once you get everything installed and inspected, you can rest assured that you’ve protected both those washing the windows and the people down below — so now it’s time to get some windows cleaned. 

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