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In a commercial building, windows often make up a significant portion of the building’s outer surface area. They are often one of the first things that draw your eyes to a building, as you take in the sparkling surfaces and enjoy the expansive feel that beautiful windows bring.

When we approach a commercial building, either as a tenant or prospective tenant, we make an instant judgement about the property. If the building owner has made window maintenance and cleaning a priority, the effort will show. Instead of encountering a building with dust and grime on the windows, we’ll see a property that sparkles in the sunlight and is attractive to us as a tenant, or potential rental prospect.

Have a Site Survey Done by a Commercial Window Cleaning Company

As a property manager or building owner, you have to juggle a host of competing demands. The curb appeal and on-going maintenance needs of the property are your responsibility. When it comes to the windows in your building, It makes sense to work with professionals who are experts in window cleaning and maintenance.

When you contact a reputable commercial window cleaning company, the first thing they will want to do is come out to see your building and do a complete site survey. They will be able to assess the current condition of your windows, and evaluate the building’s exposure to elements like weather, air pollution, traffic and car exhaust. Factors such as heavy foot traffic, the inherent design of the building and frequent wind, rains and snow will influence how often your windows need to be cleaned.

How Often Your Commercial Windows Need to Be Cleaned

The recommended minimum frequency for commercial window cleaning depends on the type of commercial property you own or manage. For office buildings, twice yearly cleaning is a must, but more frequent cleaning would be very beneficial. Retail stores with high traffic should expect cleaning cycles of between two and four weeks. For residential buildings and high rises, it ranges from 2-8 times per year. Some clients want to maximize their views as much as possible during the year.

If you manage a healthcare facility, experts recommend the windows be cleaned once a month. Office or retail shops with low traffic may be fine with professional window cleaning that is done every four to eight weeks. Common areas in office buildings, and lobby windows, will need to be cleaned monthly or bi-monthly.

What Solution Should You Use for Commercial Window Cleaning?

Many professional window cleaners have found that a simple formula helps clean windows the best. They mix a few drops of a detergent like Dawn liquid dish washing soap with distilled, or de-ionized, water.

The distilled water helps to eliminate water spots that could have been caused by the calcium and other minerals in the tap water. If it is extremely humid out, they may also mix in some isopropyl alcohol to reduce the window drying time.

Best Way to Clean Commercial Windows

The first step for cleaning your commercial windows is to thoroughly dust each pane, and remove any loose dirt or cobwebs. From there, wet the window with a water-fed pole system or spray bottle. A professional squeegee is then used with long overlapping strokes, in a fanning technique.

After each stroke of the squeegee, wipe the blade with a natural sponge. A microfiber, lint-free cloth can then be used to dry any water that might be under the rubber gaskets of the window. Doing this prevents water from escaping later and causing streaks on the pane.

Benefits of More Frequent Window Cleaning

When you are looking for the best way to clean commercial windows, many customers have found that they benefit from scheduled, frequent cleanings. Although it costs more overall to clean your windows frequently, the cost per service goes down when you stay on top of keeping them clean.

Frequent cleaning also means more frequent inspection of your windows by your professional window cleaning company’s experts. During the cleaning process, they’ll be paying careful attention to your windows and can let you know if there are any issues that need to be addressed. Taking early action on potential window issues will help avoid costly damage and save you money in the long run.

When Should You Replace a Window?

Even with an excellent on-going window washing and maintenance program, a window may occasionally need to be replaced. Typically, windows have a lifespan that extends for 20 to 30 years, depending on the quality of the original window and its use. Deterioration or cracks in the glass can necessitate a window replacement.

Another sign that you might need to replace a window is if you notice cloudiness or fog between the panes of a window. This occurs if the seal is broken, and allowing moisture to settle in between the individual panes. Windows can be replaced, as needed, any time during the year.

If you are the property manager or owner of a commercial building, you understand that maintaining a first class property is vitally important. Existing and future tenants want their commercial building to be top of the line, and expect it to make a great first impression on customers and prospective clients too. With frequent, regularly scheduled window washing you can keep your commercial windows sparkling all year long. To set up a free consultation, call us today at (773) 227-4522 or email us at

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