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Although commercial window cleaning has the same aim as a residential service — to keep your windows clean — the challenges it presents are different. We have been providing both types of service for many years. We have the experience, skills, and necessary equipment to handle every challenge and complete all jobs to meet or exceed customers’ expectations.

Keeping the windows of a commercial building clean is an important part of building maintenance. It:

  • lets in natural light and heat that improve comfort and increase staff motivation
  • creates a better public image for current and potential customers, helping the success of the business and increasing property value.
  • helps to prevent the degradation of windows caused by grime, pollutants, and UV rays.

Commercial window cleaning in Chicago is important and it’s equally important that you employ a professional and competent commercial window washing company to do the job. We are that company, and you can assure yourself of that through answers to several important questions.

What is a commercial window cleaner?

Many window cleaners start on residential properties and eventually progress to commercial work. This is much more challenging due to the size and complexity of some buildings and the need to not disrupt the operation of businesses. We are fully experienced in tackling all shapes and sizes of buildings and have flexible scheduling that fits in with your working arrangements. We work for your convenience, not ours.

How often should commercial windows be cleaned?

To some degree, that depends on the type of building, the area it’s in, and the appearance you want it to have. An industrial building may not need to be kept as clean as commercial offices or a retail store, although it may attract dirt more quickly in a polluted area. It depends on the image you want to present, and we will clean as often as you wish.

How much does commercial window cleaning cost?

Commercial window cleaning prices will vary for each window cleaning business and depend on several factors. These include the size of the job since large and complex jobs will take longer than small ones. Tall buildings require more equipment to get to the higher floors while multi-panel windows require more work than those with a single large pane.

Some companies charge by the hour but that means you won’t know the final costs because you can’t predict how long the job will take. It might also suggest the company is inexperienced and doesn’t know how much to charge for commercial window cleaning. A fixed price for the job gives you certainty.

How do commercial window cleaning services handle hard-to-reach windows?

Some non-professionals attempt to clean the exterior of windows from the inside. This is not only disruptive for you but also an unsafe and inefficient practice. We do things properly.

As specialists in commercial window cleaning, we are used to dealing with tall buildings that have hard-to-reach windows. Consequently, we have all the equipment we need to reach windows at any height:

  • ladders and cleaning poles for windows at a relatively low level
  • ropes, harnesses, helmets, and clips for abseiling from tall buildings that have no other means of access from the roof level
  • cherry pickers to access moderately high floors from the ground
  • where installed on buildings, roof-top cranes that lower cradles down the face of the building for maintenance and cleaning work.

We supply and install roof-top access and safety equipment and provide training in its use. All our workers are therefore trained to work safely from height as well as having the ability to clean windows efficiently.

How to schedule commercial window cleaning for minimal disruption?

We are aware of how important it is for businesses to operate without interruption, so they have continuity. We always schedule our work to meet customer needs, even if this means working early morning or late into the evening when employees and customers aren’t present.

How do commercial window cleaning services handle rainy or inclement weather?

It’s often thought that windows shouldn’t be washed while it’s raining since rain will spoil the work. This might have been true when most properties burned coal or wood since soot particles would mix with the rain. Today, however, rain is generally clean and won’t spoil the work of window cleaners.

We normally won’t clean windows during rain because our aim is to remove dirt coating them.. We don’t, however, wash windows during storms and high winds because we never put our workers and members of the public at risk

How to verify the insurance and bonding of a commercial window cleaning company?

Safety is at the heart of everything we do, which includes window cleaning. But, despite all the precautions we take, we realize accidents can happen, so we’re fully covered against unforeseen circumstances with comprehensive insurance that includes general liability and workers’ compensation. We’re also fully bonded.

The window cleaning industry includes companies that aren’t fully professional and don’t see the need for insurance and certification. We have all the documentation you need to see that we are fully covered and you are not taking risks by employing us. If you wonder what certifications should a professional window cleaner have? They should have the same certifications as us.

How to compare quotes from different commercial window cleaning services?

No matter how many quotes you get, they won’t all be for the same level of service. You shouldn’t, therefore, compare purely on price because the cheapest quote will almost certainly not provide as complete a service as the others. Check what each company is going to do for the money to properly assess each quote.

We always give a detailed quote that sets out everything we are going to do. There are no hidden extras, which won’t be the case for every quote you receive.

What are the environmental practices of commercial window cleaning companies?

Some window cleaners use cheap and harsh chemicals to clean your windows. We use materials that leave your windows shiny and streak-free but are also kind to the environment. Usually just it’s just gentle dish soap.

What is included in a commercial window cleaning service?

The level of service you receive will depend on the company providing it. We deliver exactly what you want, which can range from cleaning the windows and frames to complete cleaning of the whole building façade, clearing out gutters, and minor remedial work. Either way, the cleaning will be thorough, starting with the removal of deposits such as bird droppings before washing takes place.

How do commercial window cleaning services handle emergency cleanings?

We realize everything doesn’t always go to plan and you sometimes need work done at short notice. We are very flexible and aim to meet clients’ needs, even if that means working odd hours and rescheduling work.

What are the benefits of hiring a commercial window cleaning service?

By having your windows professionally cleaned regularly, you’ll benefit from more natural light, increase the life of your windows, create a better impression of your business and maximize the view that you paid good money for.

How to ensure quality and consistency in commercial window cleaning?

You want a window cleaning service you can rely on and will be available for a long time. To ensure you get the right one:

  • check experience and obtain customer views
  • obtain several quotes and compare the services provided, not simply the price
  • verify certifications and insurance
  • determine how they will approach the job and the equipment they use
  • ask about safety procedures, environmental processes, and flexibility of approach.

At Shine on Anchors, we ensure your windows receive the highest quality cleaning.

Our aim is always to provide a reliable, safe, affordable, and effective service that will leave your windows shiny and streak-free. Get in touch for a no-obligation assessment and comprehensive quotation.

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