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Duties and Responsibilities of the Level II Technician (Rope Access Lead Technician)

  • Rope Access Lead Technician shall have the appropriate training, experience, and qualifications to perform all rope access work, rigging and, at a minimum, standard rescue procedures under the direction of a Rope Access Supervisor.
  • Rope Access Lead Technician may perform limited supervision over Rope Access Workers and other Rope Access Lead Technicians under the immediate direction of a Rope Access Supervisor. Such supervisory responsibilities may only be delegated to the Rope Access Lead Technician after:
    • The Rope Access Supervisor determines that the Rope Access Lead Technician is capable of providing limited supervision given the circumstances of the rope access work being performed; and
    • The Rope Access Supervisor determines that the Rope Access Lead Technician is prepared to handle all work variables and potential rescue requirements.
  • The Rope Access Lead Technician shall:
    • Adjust, inspect, maintain, properly use, care for, and store all rope access equipment necessary to perform the rope access work.
    • Utilize appropriate personal protective equipment as directed by the Rope Access Supervisor and the employer’s rope access program.
    • Recognize work site hazards, take corrective measures to eliminate or control those hazards, and notify the Rope Access Supervisor of all such hazards and the corrective measures taken.
    • Be capable of identifying work zones such as the access zone and hazard zone.
    • Understand and follow the requirements of all applicable work permits and job safety analyses.
    • Have a working knowledge and understanding of the employer’s rope access program and all applicable policy and procedures.
    • Follow the Rope Access Supervisor’s directions regarding the work to be performed.
    • Notify the Rope Access Supervisor if assigned a task or responsibility beyond the Rope Access Lead Technician’s training, skills, qualifications, or experience.
    • Understand and communicate any written and verbal warnings.
    • Construct, inspect, and analyze safe rope access systems.
    • Perform standard rescue procedures used by the employer for the specific work environment.
    • Perform any other duties designated in the employer’s rope access program or identified by the Rope Access Program Administrator or Supervisor. Such duties must remain within that Rope Access Lead Technician’s training, skills, experience and qualifications for conducting safe rope access operations and maintaining a safe rope access work site.
    • The Rope Access Lead Technician shall have the authority to stop the work immediately if it is unsafe to proceed.

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