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In this day and age, the prevalence and increasing awareness of finding means to offset our carbon footprint on Earth is front and centre. Every day, the sum of health related and harmful effect stories pertaining to our routine cleaning products grows substantially. ‘Going Green’ is now not only considered to be the trendy approach to gain marketability, but it can also lead to reduced costs, helping the environment, increasing productivity not to mention swelling property values considerably. The benefits of eco-friendly cleaning products stem far beyond the conventional and can lead to advantages for users on many levels.

When selecting eco-friendly cleaning products, generally the rule of thumb of determining if they are indeed ‘green’ is to look out for key ingredients and labelling. Claims such as being plant-based, biodegradable, free of phosphates, chlorine and petroleum distillates means you are likely on the right track. Many of the products currently available are also toted as being multi-purpose as they utilize the same cleaning agents and ingredients that can serve to both clean a floor or windows. This can help reduce overall costs for products as well as health care for business that employ them. By eliminating countless chemicals linked to respiratory and other conditions for those who use or are exposed to conventional, non-green products, you can inadvertently reduce health liability situations at the same time.

On top of having healthier employees and occupants in residential settings, sustainable buildings are known to have other financial gain opportunities through government incentives, productivity and retention. Research your local area opportunities for refunds and incentives for becoming certified as “green”.

On a professional front, taking the green stance can be very lucrative and great for image and branding purposes. The synergy between a clean space and ultimately a cleaner, healthier environment is one that is highly sought after. Through the use of not only eco-friendly products, but also equipment and procedures has been linked to building a better trust foundation amongst clients. Knowing the safety of children, pets, and houseguests alike is reinforced by using a non-toxic residential cleaning service. Especially Professional residential cleaners or commercial cleaners are much more likely to have repeat business due to the positive feelings towards the company.

All things considered, the benefits of using eco-friendly products for residential cleaning or commercial cleaning service outweigh the cons. With minor adjustments to the practices and products utilized, ‘going green’ can effectively increase productivity, marketability, reduce costs, health concerns, and ultimately improve the quality of life for the clients and the employees. It is a timely decision that could be well suited for the shift in today’s society towards a greener living.

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