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Access and Hazard Zones 

  • Access Zone 
    • An access zone shall be established. 
    • Anchorages should normally be established outside the access zone so that the workers can don their harnesses and helmets and attach themselves to the working line(s) before entering into the access zone
    • Appropriate fall protection measures shall be used by any personnel entering the access Zone
    • Personnel in the access zone may require fall protection meeting the requirements of the jurisdiction or country of the work, such as ANSI/ASSE, CSA or EN/CE, during transition until the rope access anchors are established and personnel are on-rope
  • Hazard Zone 
    • hazard zone shall be established and marked, blockaded or identified to warn rope access technicians and passers-by of hazards associated with the work being performed. 
  • No one may enter the hazard zone unless they are wearing appropriate Personal Protective Equipment. 

Communication Systems 

  • An effective communications system shall be established prior to beginning work and should remain effective for all the time that work is actively taking place. 
    • Hand or audible signals to be used for regular or emergency communications should be agreed upon and rehearsed before work begins. 
  • Radio systems or hardline communications equipment should be used for communication purposes unless the area of work is such that all those involved are always visible to each other and within audible range.
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