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Keeping the windows clean in your commercial building can be quite challenging if you try to tackle the job yourself. You might be able to make a pass on the interior windows, but if you do the insides and don’t clean the exterior your building still won’t look clean.

The best, and easiest solution, is to hire a qualified professional window cleaning company to take care of all your window cleaning needs. They will be able to send a professional crew out, and have your windows sparkling beautifully.

What is the Most Efficient Way to Handle Window Cleaning?

As a commercial building owner, you know that there are a lot of ongoing maintenance items you have to take care of with your property. Tenants, clients and prospective customers expect your building to look great and be free of dust, dirt and grime.

The most efficient way to handle your commercial window cleaning needs is to set up a contract with a top-tier window cleaning company. They will start by coming out to walk through your building and assess your needs. Their professional staff will have the experience needed to get your cleaning done quickly and efficiently.

What Are the Challenges in Cleaning the Public Areas?

It’s harder to keep the windows clean in high-traffic public areas. The windows in these locations are often touched by people going by, and the streaks and smudges that are left can be an ongoing challenge.

Storefronts are another example of commercial windows that need more attention. A store that is on a very busy street may need to have its windows cleaned twice a month.

What Is the Number One Hazard Faced by Professional Window Cleaners?

If you are a window washer working on commercial buildings, the number one hazard you face is injury or serious accidents due to falls. Many commercial buildings are multiple stories tall, and thus require much of the window cleaning to be done at height.

Fortunately, advanced safety options and extensive training is available so that worker safety levels are enhanced. Cleaners working high above the ground will be using suspension gear, elevated platforms and safety harnesses.

What Solution Do Commercial Window Washers Use?

When you are a commercial window washer, you don’t want to use the wrong solution on your client’s windows. Some harsh chemicals can actually work against your cleaning efforts, as they attract dirt and debris after they have been used in cleaning.

A number of commercial window services use a fairly simple formula for their cleaning solution. A few drops of a detergent like Dawn, mixed with distilled water, works for them. Some also use a commercial version of nano protection, which is sprayed onto the just cleaned window and makes new dirt accumulations slip off.

If you want to keep your commercial windows sparkling clean, it’s best to contract the services of a professional window cleaning company. They’ll have the knowledge and expertise to clean your windows efficiently and easily. In addition, they will use the right equipment and have the training needed to keep them safe. Call us today at (773) 227-4522 or email us at, and we will take care of all your commercial window cleaning needs.

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