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In this post-pandemic world, it’s become more important than ever to keep your commercial building in perfect shape. People are now sensitized to look for environments that feel healthy and vibrant, instead of unsafe. If existing or future tenants see that your windows are dirty or coated with grime, they often start to wonder if it’s a healthy space to be in.

Employees also want to know they are working in a pristine and comfortable environment. Making sure your windows are sparkling clean lets them feel better about their workplace. It’s important to determine how often windows should be cleaned, and to hire a professional window cleaning company to keep your windows looking great all year round.

How Often Should Commercial Windows Be Cleaned?

The windows in your commercial building should be cleaned at least twice a year, and quite possibly more often. A specific answer as to the frequency of cleaning depends on factors such as the location of the building, its design and the overall exposure to traffic and weather.

While some commercial buildings will do fine with windows that are cleaned twice annually, others may need their windows cleaned every couple of weeks or once a month. If a building has high exposure to local factory pollution, car exhaust or construction, this will directly affect how often to clean windows outside. Similarly, interior windows may need to be cleaned more often if the building has heavy foot traffic.

Reasons to Consider More Frequent Window Cleaning

Although it can be more expensive to clean windows more often, the cost per cleaning will drop when you clean them more frequently. If your building location is subject to strong winds, snow or rain, more frequent cleaning may be advisable.

Commercial buildings that are unique add to your property’s curb appeal, but these intricate designs can also make the building more likely to collect grime, dirt and dust. Buildings that make a powerful architectural statement are also viewed more closely and often, increasing the need for clean windows to showcase the property.

Best Time of Year to Clean Windows

Window cleaning can be done during many months of the year. If you are going to opt for twice a year cleaning, scheduling your cleaning for the spring and fall might be a good plan. When you clean your commercial windows in the spring, you can remove any dirt and residue that may have accumulated from the inclement weather of winter.

Fall cleaning can be ideal because it can wipe away the pollen from late summer, and take care of accumulated dirt and grime from summer rains and high winds.

What Is the Most Efficient Way to Handle Window Cleaning?

While you could try to clean the interior windows yourself, or ask you janitorial service to do the job, it’s far more efficient to hire the services of a professional window cleaning company. They will have the expertise, staff and safety equipment needed to get the job done quickly.

When you set up an initial consultation with a professional window cleaning company, they’ll come out and do a thorough survey of your building. They will know exactly how to approach your job, and will be able to efficiently complete work on your project.

How Many Windows Can a Window Cleaner Clean in a Day?

There are a lot of factors that influence how many windows can be cleaned in a day. For residential properties, a good cleaner would look at covering around 15 to 20 three bedroom properties in a single day.

On the other end of the scale would be a skyscraper. It’s estimated that for a 50 story tower, it would take approximately 30 to 40 days for the entire building’s windows to be cleaned.

What Is the Number One Hazard Faced by Professional Window Cleaners?

Falls are the number one hazard associated with window cleaning. Window cleaning can be dangerous when the window cleaners are working from height. If the window cleaning goes above the first story, the cleaners will have to use ladders to reach the higher points.

The risk of falls rises as workers tackle window cleaning on mid-rise and high-rise buildings. They will now have to employ ropes and pulley systems attached to anchor points, and wear safety harnesses and appropriate Personal Protective Equipment.

If you want to make your commercial building as attractive as possible to tenants, customers and prospective clients, it pays to schedule frequent cleaning of your windows. When you sign up for regularly scheduled window cleaning service, you’ll actually reduce your cost per cleaning and will have peace of mind knowing your building always looks the best it can. Call us today at (773) 227-4522 to set up your free window cleaning consultation. Alternatively, you can email us at

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