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It’s always important for your commercial company to project the right image. Clients and prospects want to know they are doing business with a successful company, and that you pay attention to the details. When they see or visit your office or commercial location, you want everything to be perfect.

If the windows in your building are grimy, unkempt or dirty, you will be sending the wrong message to your visitors. Clean windows help increase the curb appeal of your business, and help create a positive impression in the mind of your prospects and customers. They also show employees you care about where they work, which is critical in this post-pandemic age.

What Is Commercial Window Cleaning?

When you work with a company that specializes in cleaning windows in commercial buildings, you will be putting yourself in the hands of professionals who know how to get the job done right. Once you contact the company, they will set up an appointment with you so they can do a thorough, full survey of your building.

After they walk through the property, and talk with you about your needs, they will then be able to create a customized method statement along with a risk assessment. Each building can represent unique challenges and access difficulties. They will also evaluate whether you need any repairs, and whether starting with deep cleaning is advisable.

Why Is Professional Window Cleaning Important?

While it can be tempting to ask employees or the cleaning staff to clean your interior windows, you’ll find you have far better results when you hire a company that specializes in commercial window cleaning. These trained professionals have the expertise and experience to thoroughly clean both the inside, and exterior, of all the windows in your building.

Hiring a commercial firm is essential if you are in a multi-story or high-rise commercial building. Substantial skill and training is necessary to work at height, and tackle the challenges of cleaning windows that tower above the city below. Safety is critical on these projects, so you want to retain the services of a commercial company that can take care of your window cleaning needs without exposing you to any unnecessary liability.

Why Is Commercial Window Cleaning Important for Your Business?

In addition to creating the right first impression, regular cleaning of the windows in your commercial building also brings a host of important benefits. Some of the key benefits of window cleaning include:

Increase the Lifespan of Your Windows

When you allow debris and dirt to build up on your commercial windows, they can become etched into the glass. This can also occur in window tracks, if you have sliding windows. The marks from etching serve to weaken the panes of glass, and may even cause cracks, chipping and other damage. Getting your commercial windows cleaned professionally will help them last longer and save you money.

Reduction in Allergens

Over time, dirt and debris accumulates along windowsills. In addition, dust, pollen, dead skin cells

and even hair can also build up and become visible. These, and other allergens that gather on the sills inside and outside begin to negatively affect the quality of the air within your building. When you thoroughly clean your commercial windows, you will help relieve allergy symptoms like itchy eyes, coughing and a runny noses.

Enhancing the View

Commercial cleaning will dramatically improve the beautiful views from your windows. Clean windows help increase the range of vision, and open vistas to lovely outside views. With your windows now free of dirt and water stains, they are now perfect portals revealing the beauty of the world outside.

Boost Employee Productivity

Working in an office all day can be draining at times. With sparkling clean windows in your commercial building, it’s easy for the natural light to come flowing in. This will help improve employee productivity and boost the mood of everyone working there. If you have plants in your office, the light can also help them thrive and grow.

Improve the Value of Your Commercial Building

The commercial building market has undergone a seismic shift over the recent years. When the pandemic arrived, employees were suddenly forced to work from home. As the global outbreak receded, companies found employees were very concerned with quality of life issues and were hesitant about coming back to the office. In today’s commercial market, it’s vitally important to provide an attractive workplace to look after your employees and improve the value of your commercial building.

How Often Should Commercial Windows Be Cleaned?

A number of factors should be considered when determining how often to clean your commercial windows. Frequent cleaning helps prevent the build up of dirt and damage to the glass. It also makes future cleaning much easier.

For a typical commercial property, you may want to clean windows twice per year. Buildings on busy highways or streets will require more frequent cleaning, as the build up of debris and dirt occurs very quickly.

Trust Shine on Anchors for expert commercial window cleaning that enhances your business’s appearance

If you want your commercial building to make a great first impression in the mind of clients and prospects, sparkling clean windows are a must. Frequent cleaning helps boost employee morale, enhances the value of your building and increases the life of your windows too. If you are ready to have your windows professionally cleaned, call us today at (773) 227-4522 or email us at

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