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Taking care of the health of family members is in your hands as you are the homemaker. Using environment friendly products or green methods can help you and your family, live a healthier life. Green cleaning means the usage of chemicals and toxins is avoided. There are various chemicals that prove to be hazardous to our health as they cause respiratory and dermatological reactions. To protect your family from all this, you need to use Eco Friendly cleaners or contact your nearest cleaning company if you are not sure of the products to be used.
There are a lot of companies that manufacture Eco Friendly cleaners to safeguard the Earth and its residents. At home also you can use a lot of natural products to keep your home sparkling clean and non-toxic like baking soda. It neutralizes acid content and can be used to clean kitchen counters, sinks, bathtubs, oven etc. It also removes perspiration and chemical odors, just sprinkle on a damp cloth and wipe. Same way washing soda can also be used but because it is caustic, it must be handled more carefully. White vinegar and lemon juice are acidic in nature and can remove water marks, remove stains from wood surface, etc. Essential oils like those of lavender, clove and tea tree can be added to water and used as disinfectants and mold killers. Alternative solution is buying products from companies that manufacture Eco Friendly products.
There are many kitchen and surface solutions that are made of biodegradable formulas, which can easily clean grease and dried-on food and are free of dyes or synthetic fragrances. The bathroom cleaning products, which are made of, real essential oils and botanical extracts emit no fumes even while cleaning tough spots whether on marble, stainless steel or granite and leave a scented freshness.
Many manufactures make products that are plant based and have mineral ingredients for green cleaning. If you are too busy to clean up the whole house in a green manner then you can contact cleaning companies. They guarantee all natural methods and spotless service. In an estimated time and using high-class products they clean every nook and corner of your house that you can recheck with a white glove. If there is so much being provided to you, then you can surely do your bit in conserving the environment and keeping your family safe and healthy.
At ShineOnGroup , we understand your office cleaning needs and how important it is to keep your home free from chemicals and toxics. If you would like to hear more about why all are clients are always left satisfied give our house cleaning team a call today! 773 – 227 – 4522.
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