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If they say your eyes are the windows to your soul then undoubtedly your windows are your clients’ glance to your business especially if your business requires you to display your craft and creations. You may have quality and good merchandise but if you have dirt-streaked windows who have never seen the look of even a wet dishtowel, then don’t hope for customers to come knocking on your door.

It is about time that you invest some time and get professional window cleaning help. It will be a good investment that you do something about those dirty windows now or if you are on a really tight budget then do the cleaning yourself. You can go on putting new displays every week but if you have hazy, dirty windows you will never be able to attract the clientele you want.
So how do you achieve squeaky clean display windows very much the same way professionals do window cleaning? Here are a few tips to help you achieve shiny, crystal clear windows.

First, you must prepare the arsenal. Buy or get the stuff you need for cleaning the windows. You will need:

1. Squeegee – A squeegee is your window cleaning best friend. It is a smooth and flat rubber blade which is effective in removing or controlling liquid flowing on a level surface. Janitorial and household supply stores sell squeegees of all types and sizes. Choose one which best suits your window cleaning needs.

2. Rags, dish cloths, and chamois – Better choose a lint-free cloth to wipe the entire window edge for that final finishing touch. Rags are also used for removing water from the scrubber.

3. Scrubbers – Looking almost like a squeegee but with a shearing coat. You dip it into the cleaning solution, wring the excess water and use it to scrub the window.

4. Extension poles – These are used to reach high windows for the uniform cleanliness.
Now that you have everything ready you are more than set to begin the serious task of cleaning that deplorable display window.

*. Get a bucket of warm water mixed with a teaspoon of cleaning solution. Use enough water to clean the windows but not too much.

*. Dip your scrubber or squeegee into this cleaning solution and squeeze out the excess water.

*. Horizontal strokes of your scrubber or squeegee are what the professional do to get the best results.

*. Overlap your squeegee strokes and move your strokes to allow water to flow towards the area you need to clean and not to the dry, clean part.

*. After each stroke, always wipe your rubber blade with a lint-free rag or cloth. A wet squeegee will leave a blade mark on the glass.

*. After you are done, wipe the edges and window sills with another lint-free cloth.

*. Do not clean your windows in direct sunlight or on an especially hot day. The glass can heat up and result to all sorts of streaking problems.

*. If you do have streaks then do not wet the window again and instead use a blackboard eraser to remove the streaks.

These are the techniques professional window cleansers use and it is to your great advantage to know each of them. You can save up on your budget by doing the window cleaning yourself. Once you get the hang of it, you might even have a new business opportunity. You can start a new business enterprise cleaning commercial and residential windows, who knows?
But for now, get those cleaning materials ready and get down to the job of cleaning your store display window and attract more customers for they can now clearly see through the glass and into your displays.

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