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We often see architectural glass being used for decorative or structural purposes in high rise buildings in the posh urban areas nowadays. The use of this glass in these buildings has become ubiquitous in the urban world at present, and hence the concomitant issues emanating from the glass need to be taken care of. An important aspect of the maintenance of this kind of glass is its cleaning. Being mostly used in skyscrapers around the world, the windows made of architectural glass have to be cleaned using special methods and this has given birth to the commercial high window cleaning organisations.

High rise window cleaning is a newfound profession, catering to the needs of high rise buildings in the cities that are springing all around us nowadays. The contract for the cleaning window work can be made via various means-

Person-to-person transactions, that are carried out using cash or barter

Tender processes that are formally recognised in official dealings.
The specialised job of windows cleaning requires sophisticated paraphernalia. This set of equipment, generally used in high rise window cleaning, is enlisted below:

Water-fed brush – This is a kind of telescopic pole, whose upper end is provided with water jets and brushes. A water outlet- domestic or commercial- caters to the needs of this brush.

Chamois – The task of loosening and subsequent removal of dirt is done using a chamois. The dirt removal is followed by scrimming.

Squeegee – This is a tool that is specifically used in cleaning the windows. Water used in the cleaning process generally contains chemicals and a certain device- looking like a handle- is dipped into the mixture and then used for scrubbing the glass. The squeegee then comes into use and helps remove the water solution and dirt mixture from the window glass.
An important part of window cleaning is the access of the cleaning tools and manpower to the desired point. This access is made possible using the following tools:

Ladders – The size of the ladders used for window cleaning may vary depending upon the height of the buildings. These ladders supposedly form the most vital part of the equipment used in the high rise window cleaning activities.

Scaffoldings – These are supporting structures that are erected for temporary work purposes. They serve as work platforms and help in accomplishing the work at higher points from a lower point.

Aerial platforms – These generally consist of machines, which transport cleaners from one point to the other.
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